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The word «ANYSETIERS» does not exist in the dictionary. It originally stems from the word «ANISE» in old french. The word «ROY» means king in old french.
«AUX ANYSETIERS DU ROY» was first a restaurant located in the old PARIS quarters, L'Ile Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis Island), near Notre-Dame. The building is classified as one of the historic monuments in PARIS.It dates from the 17th century. At one time it used to be a cabaret.
The restaurant was specialized in provencal cooking, using olive oil, aromatic herbs, garlic, etc... It was one of the first restaurants to offer grilled meats seasoned with Provence herbs, as the LOMBARD family originally came from Provence. It was very fashionable to frequent this restaurant in the 60's, where you could meet celebrities such as Salvador Dali, who signed a small Provence herbs crock, as well as Brigitte Bardot, Jerry Lewis, ...
At the end of his/her dinner, each customer was offered a small gift : the small «Herbes de Provence» crock, special blend prepared by LOUIS LOMBARD, who was the first to include lavender flowers in the aromatic herbs.
The success of this little crock gave us the idea to produce and commercialize a line of speciality items packed in clay and stoneware pots. They are made in a small village in the Drôme, near VALENCE (south of LYON).
We create our own recipes: special blends of aromatic herbs and spices, mustards, vinegars, marinated olives, olive oil with herbs, sea-salts and aromatic pepper with herbs, teas, honeys, flavored sugars, chocolate fondues... The crocks and bottles are filled up by hand.
Olive oil amphoras and vinegar bottles are closed with a wax seal. It is a craftmanship production, original and exclusive.

Logo Aux Anysetiers du Roy